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EARL WEEKS, Owner of INTRACOASTAL MARINE CONSTRUCTION CO., grew up in Morehead City and has been around the water and fishing all of his life.  He has a great knowledge of the waters in the area and has fished, clammed, and even worked a shrimp boat.  He knows the value of having a secure well constructed dock, sea wall and boat lift. His knowledge of pier and dock construction come from his over 12 years of experience.  He has watched the hazards that storms and turbulent waters do to piers and seawalls in the area and has worked hard to provide a better product for his customers

We provide full services for your project including design, permitting, and installation.

We have found that using water to displace material, for a piling to be placed in, results in less integrity with water turbulence from storms and normal rough seas. Our DRIVEN PILINGS result in a far sturdier dock and will retain their integrity far longer. We use cross-bracing on our piers every 16' made from 2" x 10" timbers and these are secured with bolts through the pilings.

A testimonial from a recent customer:

"If you haven't seen the work done by Earl Weeks, he does a magnificent job. .... amazing quality and just incredible work.  And... he works fairly quickly.  His price is more than reasonable for the amount of work he does.... His crew are top notch young men and they work hard and fast.  And his materials are really impressive!   You'll like the final product, trust me!"

Richard D Jones, President and CEO of Eckart & Finard, Inc